Witch School

One of the most popular sites for Witch lessons is Witch School. After clicking on the link, I am brought to a brightly decorated web page. There is a starlight banner and tons of links to discover. I am interested in Classes so I click on the link that says Classes.
This link allows me to register with the school and choose a membership option. I can decide to give the site a trial run for a month, sign up for $5 month, pay $19.99 for a year or become a lifetime member for $29.99. There’s also a $99.99 option to become a lifetime member with special features that are not discussed in depth.
For the purposes of this blog, I opted for the free monthly trial which gives me unlimited access to the site and all the classes for 30 days.
In this time, I will report on what classes I have chosen to take, what the testing experience is like, what I’ve learned, quality of the lessons offered and whether I believe the price is fair to remain a student of the Witch School.

Thus far, I have registered and am ready to look through the course catalog. I have created a profile and posted a few pictures. (Please see photo below)


Feel free to visit Witch School and join me as I peruse the class content. I would love some other Craft students to bounce opinions off of.

Love and Light,


4 comments on “Witch School

  1. Good grief, those classes look most interesting. Alas, I am already swamped with my own studies (various types of counselling and therapy). If I had the time, I would join you. I hope you find someone else to learn with! 🙂

    • I do too, which is why I began the whole blogging thing. Another problem I run into are people who think they are interested and start something, only to last a week before dropping off the face of the earth. The right person at the right time….I will not lose faith. For me, its already in the stars.

  2. Try the pagan campus. I was a student and learned a lot. It’s free, donations are welcome because the teachers are doing it because they want to teach. Drawback is, from when I attended it in the early 2000’s it was full of classes but it seemed to have dwindled down.

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