Worksheets For Witches

I believe it is fair to say that in order to become a teacher, you must forever remain a student. After banging my head against a wall and repeatedly creating new study sheets it finally dawned on me today that it would be very helpful if there were pre-made worksheets.

It seems such a simple thing. We are all accustomed to lugging home a 3 ring binder exploding with worksheets to complete before the next school day. Intrigued, I began to revisit all the schools I’ve written about: No Worksheets!

It is thought that if one uses more than one sense to experience something, then one will remember it more accurately. That said, when a student listens to a lecture, takes notes and then is asked to recall the information by answering questions on a worksheet later that evening, the student has a good chance of doing well on tomorrow’s pop quiz.

Now I understand that there are many different learning styles and this particular method isn’t perfect for every lesson, (gym class would leave something to be desired) however, we have been using this technique for a very long time and it appears to work in most cases. So, where are the Wiccan Worksheets?

Lately I’ve been creating my own study questions and worksheets in order to prepare for my tests, as Witch School doesn’t have worksheets on their web site. In my Witch School text, there are study questions at the end of each chapter, so it’s a wonder that they aren’t included at the conclusion of each lesson.

Since I couldn’t find any worksheets on the sites I frequent, I decided to put the term in my search engine. There wasn’t much luck here either. After three hours and four search engines here are my findings:

🌛One worksheet to develop a lesson plan on Witchvox. The worksheet was part of an article published in 2000!

🌛A ritual creation worksheet and various other pagan teaching modules on Pagan Wisdom.

🌛A lesson outline or syllabus from The Unitarian Church, published in 1998 (sorry, I don’t have the exact site)

Nope, stop those retinas from scanning for more! That’s it!

That is all there is!

Honestly, I’m appalled that we, as a community, don’t offer more! There were a few more sites that claimed to have lesson plans and worksheets but they cost quite a bit of money. One such class cost $614 for only two modules!
Wiccan/Pagan students shouldn’t have to break the bank to get a proper spiritual education.

Originally, this blog was created to record my experience in finding a Witch school that I could afford while offering a curriculum that allowed me to be initiated and begin teaching and counseling students. I am satisfied with the school that I have chosen and am also happy with the number of classes offered. I am able to meet all the goals I had set for myself, so long as I remain motivated….

There’s no better way to stay motivated than to create something; something that improves the quality of a specific experience and then share it with other people. My new goal, then, is to create an actual course for new Wicca students. I’m not talking about a bunch of words on the computer screen either. Im talking about creating a course similar to those in high school or college. A course with reading assignments, book reports, homework, worksheets, essays, poster board and actual human feedback.

I’ve much to do! Check back soon for the first installment! I look forward to your feedback
✨Goddess Blessings🌝



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