Magical Circle

I know that I’ve gone over an exhausting number of schools which offer Wicca or Pagan courses…but there are more!  I get very excited when I find new wells to extract knowledge from.  Last week I signed up for classes at  In order to begin taking classes after you register, every student must complete a class called the “entrance exam” in order to earn their “hall pass.”  I am almost finished with the Entrance Exam and it has taken me some time to complete the lessons.  The teachers ask for answers with substance, not simply one word answers.

My assignments are graded just about every day and the teacher also leaves constructive feedback for me to mull over.  All of the classes are free, however, each student will need to purchase certain books or tools at some point depending upon which classes you decide to enroll in.  The Entrance Exam does not require you to purchase anything.  All work is done online or is emailed directly to the teacher.  Journals and longer writing assignments are recorded in a personal blog that the school creates for you.

So far, my experience here has been quite rewarding.  Some of the initial assignments seem like a waste of time until you realize that you need to learn the components of the site and the student forums in order to complete your assignments in future classes correctly.  I continue to be impressed with the level of attention my homework has received since the teachers don’t get paid to grade student papers.

I will continue to keep you updated once I actually complete the entrance exam and can begin to wander the “halls” and find my next classroom.

By aphynity

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