Becoming Familiar with the Quarters

In my last post about calling the quarters, I said that it is helpful to understand the energies you are working with for each quarter. In order to help you with this, I will provide a few visual aids with explanations of how to use them to acquire a better understanding of the different directions.

Lets begin at the top point of the pentacle. This point represents Spirit, the God and Goddess and their many archetypes. It also represents sight. Not necessarily the conventional meaning of sight either. Think of all that you can see when your eyes are shut; seeing instead with your third eye, located at the center point of your forehead.

Going clockwise from there is the East point, representative of Air. This direction is also associated with the ability to hear. As I pointed out when I was explaining ‘sight’ above, hearing doesn’t just mean letting sounds come into your ears. To truly hear, you must listen.
This means hearing things that go unsaid, listening to your inner self (conscience), and being open to receive all voices, even when they don’t make a sound. Many people can relate when I explain how one might converse with a pet. We are able to understand (or hear) them even when there isn’t any sound being uttered.

Next is the South which is associated with Fire and touch. You probably get the idea by now, but just in case…. touch does not have to mean a physical encounter with an object. When I do my energy play, I can feel the energy between my palms. I may not have a physical object there, but I am touching the energy just as I’d touch a book or the microwave. You can also touch other people with this energy while never laying a hand on them. Have you ever heard anyone say that someone was staring at them so hard, they just had to turn around? Our energy is real and it is up to you how aware of it you choose to be.

Continuing clockwise, the North point represents Earth and the ability to taste. This is one that I have trouble with. It is difficult for me to go beyond the sense and see deeper than popping something in my mouth to create a taste. Anyone who can help me out with this, def leave suggestions in the comments!

The last direction is West which is linked with the element of Water. With this point, you are also working with your sense of smell. Like all of the other senses, scent can be used to heighten your spiritual experience. Certain scents can be used to induce certain feelings and states of mind…I will go over that in another post.
You may want to experiment with different incense, oils and perfumes. Record your experiences and emotions to find out what works for you.

My personal favorite for meditation or divination is the jasmine; for ritual I prefer dragons blood. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section!

Goddess Bless!


7 comments on “Becoming Familiar with the Quarters

  1. With taste, I don’t know if anyone else shares the experience but don’t energies, thoughts, ideas have a certain flavour? a taste perse? I don’t really know how to explain what I mean, lol, so I hope you can catch my meaning from my jibbering.

    • Thanks for your comment… I’m sure that there must be a taste associated with energies, I just have a tough time recognizing it. Any ideas on how to tap into my taste sense better??
      Have you been able to accomplish this?
      Blessed be!

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m going to be stuck on that until I solve it! How to taste something without actually eating/drinking … I will think and see if I can come up with anything because I totally understand all the other things and have experienced them. Great example about the pet. I’ve always had dogs and they definitely communicate with me. And the energy part was interesting too. Isn’t there something about how if people are blindfolded and walk around slowly, they often sense when they get close to a wall without needing to touch it? I think I heard that somewhere. They often stop and stand still before they hit the wall. I don’t know if *their* energy can feel an obstruction, or if the wall itself has energy, but there must be something going on there.

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  4. My wife was talking about this post and she found something online called Gem Elixir I think. I have no idea what is that but my wife was saying maybe this thing has no taste but you drink it and it might be helpful for you.

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