13 Goals Of A Witch

Every religion has a philosophy which one chooses to abide by. Wicca is no different. The 13 goals are just that…goals!. No one is perfect and at times we fall short, however, there is a quality of life that we strive towards. Below, i will go over what each goal means to me and how I choose to apply it in my life.

1. Know Yourself: Above all, journaling is the best way to become acquainted with yourself. I write about my thoughts, motivations, energy levels, dreams, ritual experiences and meditation times. By tracking your cycles whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, you will begin to recognize a pattern. These patterns are valuable to you.

I have a pattern in every area of my life. My dreams are very vivid when they are at their peak and then become broken; seemingly random images that are hard to piece together. Because I know what the pattern looks like, I am able to use dream magick better.

As with my dream cycles, I also track my energy. At times I have energy that warms my whole core and seems to drip from my fingertips, while other times, I have trouble even heating my palms and I resort to rubbing them together to create energy. Energy also includes mental energy such as concentration and visualization.
I catalog these cycles in order to take advantage of my best days and make sure I am working responsible magick. A responsible witch does not work magick when s/he is not feeling well or when their energy is not in good order.

2. Know Your Craft: I follow an outline I picked up from Scott Cunningham’s book, “Living Wicca.” I am mostly self-taught so the tools I use, thanks to the late author are: Study, Thought, Prayer, Experimentation. I study anything I can get my hands on, whether it’s a web site, book, magazine article or a lesson from one of my classes.

Next, I think about what I’ve just read. Hand in hand with thought, is questioning. Do I believe it? Can it be helpful to me or my practice? I listen to my intuition and if I think I need to study the subject more, then I do. Not every book that has been published is accurate. This is why it is important to sit and think about what you’re brain has ingested. If study and thought isn’t enough, there are two more steps to help one weed out useless information.

Once you have exhausted your own thoughts, look outside of your perspective and pray, asking Deity for guidance. There is no need for a long ritual, simply ask for guidance. For those who use divination tools, these kinds of things come in handy!! When you pray, give Deity some time to answer. Go for a walk, light a candle, maybe some incense. Like I said, you needn’t call all the quarter energies for this but don’t ask the question and then close the door in Deity’s face. Keep the channel of communication open so that you may receive your answer.

Finally, it’s time to put the information into practice. Try it out in ritual. If the ritual isn’t melding or you feel that it’s an unsuccessful combination, scrap it and try again. Experimentation is the only way to find out if the words or new practice will help you connect to Divinity. You will experiment even more as a solitary, (we can’t possibly get it right every time!!). Trial and error…record your experiences and learn what works for you.

3. Learn: To learn is very closely related to the goal above, except, notice that the goal is not to “learn your craft,” it just says “learn.”

Clarity comes in many different forms. Don’t forget that you can study other subjects. Sometimes we get so caught up in one thing that we forget to honor all the sacred spaces within us. Deity connects with us in a very personal way, so if we are passionate about poetry, maybe we find a poem that we can use in ritual; one that connects you to Divinity or a certain sacred energy. It all about learning what works for you.

4. Apply Knowledge with Wisdom: With knowledge comes responsibility and in order to be responsible, you must use your knowledge wisely! This also relates to what you are being taught. It’s important to think about whether the information is valid and true and decide if it is knowledge you wish to retain because it is beneficial to you.

5. Achieve Balance: All levels of your being require balance, whether inside or out. There are many practices which allow you to do this.

On a physical level, it’s important to make sure that you eat healthy, get enough sleep, rest your body, exercise and hydrate. Drinking water is an excellent way to connect to the Universal spirit. The water one ingests is the same water that has been on this planet since the beginning. Meditate on this as you are taking in this energy form.

Achieving balance on a spiritual level is truly a personal experience and the practices and philosophy one chooses to use in order to achieve this balance is up to the individual. There are many paths that lead to the same place.

7. Keep Your Thoughts In Good Order: This basically refers to the belief that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Some people call this “the law of attraction.” A good example of this is if you have an overwhelming stack of bills and not enough money to pay them, you might sit there looking at the stack of envelopes telling yourself there is nothing to be done, you will lose everything, no matter how hard you work you can never get ahead…etc…
While you are reinforcing your helplessness, you are mentally blocking any solutions to your problem. Without a proper solution, the bills will continue to grow, as will your negativity and the cycle will beat you down!

Keeping your thoughts in order is all about staying positive; finding that stillness within you that allows you to shield yourself from unwanted negativity. Keep in mind that your perspective alone is what determines your experiences. No matter the situation, you determine whether it will be positive or negative.

Mantras are an excellent way to reinforce positivity in a negative situation! So are morning devotions. I find when I take time to order my mind in the morning by praying, it sets the tone for how the day will play out. Journaling allows me to release stress. Sometimes I write a story which depicts my plans for the day. I write it from a place of peace and contentment. When I gear up for a day full of pleasant experiences, that’s exactly what my experiences are!


9. Attune with the cycles of Earth: In order to attune with the cycles, Wiccans celebrate the Wheel of the Year which consists of 8 Sabbats, or holidays. The Sabbats mark the changing of the seasons. The 8 Sabbats are divided into two sets of four; four major and four minor Sabbats. The major Sabbats are dedicated to the Goddess being lunar in character while the minor Sabbats follow the God through his solar transformation. By celebrating the Sabbats, one is able to experience nature and the Mystery of the changing seasons.

10. Breathe and Eat Correctly: Pretty self explanatory, take care of yourself!
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I will keep updating these daily until they are done! I journal every day and am currently using these goals to dig into what they really mean to me and what they mean for my life; how they should be applied. Thanks for hanging in with me. I’d love any comments explaining which ones are important to you and how you apply them in your life experiment.

As always, Love and Light✨<

4 comments on “13 Goals Of A Witch

  1. It’s interesting how many similarities there are between the different religions. I am reading this post and because I am Muslim so I believe in one God and I dont know anything about “craft” which is magic (I think?) but everything else is logical and can apply to everyone. 🙂

    • Absolutely right. Wicca allows you to use “archetypes” or man- made images of God in order to better understand the nature of God. It is hard for some to draw near a concept so immense. God is everything! That is a lot to wrap your brain around. The archetype one chooses to use does not matter and, believe it or not, there are Christian Witches. They use Jesus as an archetype because that is the image of God they can identify with and understand. The only problem Wicca has ever had with other religions is their need to say that theirs is the only true and right path to connecting with Deity and expecting us to believe that there is no feminine influence. Everyone has their own path to God and it is my belief that we are all speaking to the same God, no matter what we choose to call him/her.

      • Yes I also believe that everyone is speaking to the same God even if they don’t know or think it. And my wife is a mixture of Christian and other spiritual beliefs including she talks about the earth mother which is feminine like you said. God will always hear us. 🙂

      • Absolutely! My religion teaches that every being must take whichever path necessary for them to reach Divinity. After all, the faces and names we use for God are just archetypes so that we can understand a power that is beyond understanding.

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