Living Spiritually

Living the Wiccan Life would be a simple class for me, or so I thought. The lessons are broken up into 5 portions to represent the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and spirit. What is so alluring about this curriculum is that the lesson doesn’t just require that you study the words on the pages, but become awake to those elements. Finding a connection with each one and deepening your understanding of each is the goal.

In order to begin a journey into the elements, you must keep some kind of log to track your progress. There are many things to interact with and many more that may take an extended amount of time to connect to, especially if you have been ignoring them for this long.

At this point, I know I am expected to record my meditations and (hopefully) revelations in my Book of Shadows. For those of you who aren’t Wiccan, a Book of Shadows or BOS is basically a journal where you record rituals, meditations and spiritual growth, and is also used to keep track of color correspondences, different rituals, altar arrangements, etc… Some choose to keep two books, one with rituals and other magical correspondences, and one used solely as a journal to record personal experiences in ritual and meditation.

I have always kept a book with very generic information about rituals, quarter calls, tarot spreads, and astrological correspondences. Nothing sacred enough to call a BOS, everything I’ve written inside can be found in another book or maybe on a web site. This made it achingly clear that while I’ve been practicing the Wiccan religion, I’ve not involved spirituality. Spirituality is essential in order for religion to be more than a series of empty celebrations. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Looks like my necessities have birthed the creation of a worthy BOS.

My exercise this week is to be more aware, not just of people but of objects, those things that won’t give me anything back…those “inanimate” objects. I will find out if I can interact with them; open up a whole new world of communication. The objects are related to the element earth.

Water awareness means paying attention to how I feel in the water when I’m showering, doing dishes, brushing my teeth, washing my hands, and, how the water feels with me. Can I find a way to communicate with water??

Air is going to be tricky for me. That requires going outside and it’s quite brisk where I am. Lol. It’s also feeling the energy in the air in my house. Wouldn’t it be something if I could get a read on my wife’s mood from the air? Well, stick around and I’ll let you know if air consciousness helps me out.

The fourth element is fire. For me it means the sun, the heat that cooks my food, the flame on the tip of the match, the fires we light as it gets colder. The power of fire is amazing and each of us harbors a flame. Whether we stoke that fire or smother it till all that’s left is smoking embers, is up to us. I wish to see every person’s flame…their aura should fluctuate depending on how they are tending their flames.

Lastly, Spirit, which is simple for me. This is my connection with the Lord and Lady. To challenge myself here I will look for Spirit in other places. When I sit at my altar the smell of anointing oils and incense connects me immediately to that energy, the yin and yang of the universe. After I leave my sacred space I forget to take them with me, to see them in everything, because they ARE EVERY THING.

I’ll be posting about my meditations and what my new interactions with the world are like. If anyone would like to join me or has an experience to share about interacting with your environment, fill up a comment box and we can talk about it.


5 comments on “Living Spiritually

  1. Thats amazing! The air will be a difficult one maybe but maybe can you do anything with breathing? Maybe taking deep breaths and doing something like that? I sometimes do meditation and deep breathing or breath of fire with yoga, oh I just realised that breah of fire is like combining those two elements! Maybe also wind. I know someone and she says that the wind is her “symbol for power” and whenever the wind blows really strong she says thats a “sign” to her from something, but I’m not sure what.

    • I really like the breathing idea. It’s funny because in many of my books, breath is mentioned as a way to work with air but it never occurred to me while writing that post so thanks!

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