A Word About Daily Ritual


I am grateful to be a person who sees magick. I just read a blog about recognizing the ritual in daily life. A witch finds magick in the seemingly mundane. One of my classes, “Living the Wiccan Life,” is broken up using the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. For each element, there is an assignment which requires practice throughout the week. These lessons have taught me to recognize the seemingly mundane and interact with objects that I once believed to be inanimate. I have watched the materials around me react to my attention to them for the last week. Its amazing where you can find life energy if you just put yourself out there to interact with your surroundings.


An altar is one of the first things you learn about when you study Wicca. This is my personal altar and I can be found there once a week. These days, I’m finding that a weekly practice is not enough so I’m developing something a bit different. Truly inspired by “The Ritual of Daily Life,” I’ve decided that in order to practice as I’ve been taught to, that I must take up Daily Devotions to Deity.

Silver Ravenwolf wrote this:

“From earth, the things that manifest

From air, the things of mind

From fire, the things that motivate

From water, the souls refined.”

Daily practice reminds me to open to the energies around me and remain aware of things unseen throughout the day.

Normally, I begin with The Charge of the Goddess which you can find in my posts. After reading the Charge, I meditate on Feminine Goddess energy.
Next, I read The Charge of the God and meditate on Masculine God energy.

After I have connected with the Lord and Lady, I use three separate invocations to center Self, connect to the elements and align with the Goddess through elemental energies.

To Center Self:
Earth, my Center
Air, my Wisdom
Fire, my Power
Water, my Emotion
Ground me, Guide me,
Empower me, Move me
To do what must be done.

Connect To Elements:
I call air for speed
Fire to cleanse
Water to bless
Earth to manifest
And Spirit to seal.

Align With The Goddess:
By the earth that is Her body
By the air that is Her breath
By the fire of Her bright spirit
And by the living waters of Her womb…
Blessed Be.

While writing this I didn’t have the authors written in front of me. I know one of them, the last one, I believe, is by Victor Andersen. I will be sure to update these with authors!!


12 comments on “A Word About Daily Ritual

  1. Oh I love your altar! I’m going to share this on my blog with the Press This option a bit later tonight, so hopefully others will come and see it. ๐Ÿ™‚ And it’s really true about what you wrote – “interact with objects that I once believed to be inanimate”.

    I’m doing a series of workshops for Emotional Therapy and in the last one we had to sit 5 people each around a small table and look at a rock (big stone, about the size of the palm of my hand). We had 5 minutes total in which “perceive” the rock and then write down what we perceived. People struggled with it, I have to say. But you know what, I really didn’t!

    At first I was looking at the rock and just thinking what did it look like. And I wasn’t getting anything good to write down. So I quickly thought, ok, just clear your head, don’t think, and just *perceive* the rock (and perception is more than just looking, it includes all the senses as well as emotions and feelings and instinct and intuition and anything). As soon as I emptied my mind and just kept my gaze on the rock, I got the following “messages” and I wrote them down:

    1. I want to hold the rock.
    2. The rock is pinkish coloured, but it has flaws. It is imperfect.
    3. The rock doesn’t belong here; it belongs outside in nature.
    4. The rock is sad.
    5. The wrong is thinking, “Everyone thinks I’m dead because I’m a rock; but I’m not. I am alive.”
    6. The rock has tiny little holes in it so it has been through something, maybe extreme heat or some other experience; something really difficult that caused it to suffer and left it scarred. But it survived. Here it is. The rock.

    My tutors were really pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I look forward to reading more about your learnings! Very interesting as always.

    • It’s so ironic…as I was reading your comment about the rock, I flashed to it sitting there, on a foreign surface and I thought “the rock must be sad and maybe scared.” Following that thought I scrolled down and saw one of your observations was that the rock was sad.

      I use Hematite to ground myself after a ritual and also to release excess stress. This rock actually takes these negative emotions and collects them for us. It’s amazing. Just imagine what my poor rock feels!!

      Thanks for sharing!!

      • Oh that’s amazing about the rock and the way you had the same feelings that I did! Hematite … I shall have to look into that and see if I can get some. I’m worried about your Hematite rock too now! LOL. Is there any way for the rock to release the stress, or does it do something with it, like burn it up or release it back into the atmosphere or something?

      • My friend had a small piece of hematite that apparently was full from constant use and it crumbled. Maybe that is how the stone releases the energy. Maybe I should google that, what a good question.

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  3. Its a very pretty altar! I am interested to know more about these things especially because I have an interest in angels and faeries. I know its not the same as wicca but I think there is some similarity and your altar is inspiring. My favourite colour is white so I might try to make something similar to what you have with a white theme. It’s very nice! Thank you! Peace and Light. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Angels and faeries are right up my alley! In Wicca you can choose to work with whatever beings you see fit. I have quarter calls for both if you are interested.
      As for my altar, the altar cloth is black because we just celebrated Samhain. Samhain is a time when we honor our ancestors, those who have passed on. For Yule (Christmas) I will be using a white or blue altar cloth. I change the colors to represent the season. I will be doing a post about the eight Sabbats (holidays) we celebrate very shortly.
      Thank you for your comment!

  4. I’m just reading the above comment and your reply. Both very interesting. I didn’t know you were interested in fairies too! And angels! I love both of those things as well. I used to draw loads of fairies when I was a child. I like that spelling up there – “faeries”. I remember seeing that in my fairy books when I was a child (not fairy tales, actual books about fairies). What is a quarter call?

    • Yes, as I said each witch chooses what beings they work with. Some use dragons, gnomes, mer-people…you name it!
      A quarter call is a call to a certain direction for assistance in your ritual. I call the North, South, East and West. Sometimes, you just ask them to guard your sacred space and sometimes you ask them for help with certain abilities. When you work with Angels… Each archangel is associated with a direction.
      Some also choose to call Spirit as a direction to complete the circle and some choose to invoke Deity instead. I will def be doing a post on this shortly but let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Oh my goodness, your friend’s rock crumbled! Wow. Let me know if you find some way to help the poor rocks! LOL. Now I’m all worried about them. Oh my, as if it wasn’t stressful enough apologising to my herbs when I have to pick a few leaves for a recipe!

    • Thank them! That’s what I’ve been told. Every thing has a purpose and must feel that it is fulfilling it’s value. Your herbs are fulfilling their value when you use them so just thank them for that.

      • Marvellous advice. Ok, so I shall stop feeling guilty and thank them. I mean, I figure we have to eat, so thanking them sounds very reasonable. Thank you!

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