After much research and many long hours perusing search engine findings, I was finally able to nail down a good school. I chose Witch School for many reasons which I will outline below.
First, let me say that there is a lot of controversy about gaining a knowledge of Wicca using the Internet. I don’t disagree with either side, however, I will say that it is a travesty that there isn’t a little grove to visit in every city, as there are plenty of other houses of worship for other religions.

That being said, it is what one chooses to do with the information they are taught online that will determine if one gets an excellent education or not. Whether face to face or keyboard to keyboard, if I do not apply the lessons and live by the Rede then there isn’t much to gain. Anyone can read words off of a page, it is the focus of energy/emotion that determines how far the magick will travel.

When I first began researching Witch School, I signed up as a basic – free member so that I could peruse the site and see what it was all about. After taking a Gaia course written by a first degree student that was very disorganized and redundant I didn’t spend too much time on the site. Other magickal schools needed investigating and onward I went. While I was journaling about compassion one morning, my mind wandered to the Gaia class…and then past the class, to the person behind the keyboard. I imagined a nervous intern, still in college in a room full of elementary school kids. I saw the apprehension in the intern’s face and felt her anxious energy. There is a reason they call it a moment of clarity!

Everything came together…some of the students studying to become members of the clergy act as “interns” in order to prepare for their career. At this point I decided to give Witch School a second chance. New research taught me that the school is partnered with the Correll Mother Temple. This temple accepts first degrees as clergy members once they have completed a lengthy list of requirements:

1. Completion of the main body of Correllian First Degree lessons

2. Completion of The Five Mystic Secrets course

3. Completion of Correllian Philosophy course

4. Completion of Correllian Ministry course

5. Completion of 2 essays on subjects assigned by the mentor.

6. Recommendation from the mentor the student studied with

7. 2 forms of ID, one government issued

8. A one time non-refundable application fee of $45 to help with the running of the tradition


Now, all of the information above is for US students, however, they have a program for those Witches who live in South Africa, UK and they are still expanding.  For more information on Temples that accept Witch School transcripts, visit

The Chosen Path


2 comments on “The Chosen Path

  1. I’m surprised that with the current technology anyone would still argue that you need a “face to face” education in almost anything (except maybe surgery or something!). Things have progressed so far these days, and I myself have taken online courses, and it’s nothing to be sneezed at.

    These courses can be very challenging with high standards and expectations. They don’t cut you any slack just because you’re not sitting in a classroom. The assignments are tough, they require reading, extra reading, further research, references, and sometimes an exam. If you’re able to complete the assignments, then you are definitely learning!

    And personally, I think the dedication it requires to study alone and without a scheduled class that you have to attend makes it even more proof of one’s self-motivation, determination and application as a student.

    I reckon it’s old-fashioned to think you have to attend a class for everything. Anything and everything that can move onto the Internet is doing so. I told my hairdresser a while back that she’s lucky she’ll never be out of a job, because one thing you can’t get online is a haircut! LOL

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