Dianic Wicca University

Distraction is unavoidable.  It has taken me far too long to put together this posting.

In looking for Wicca schools that are worth the tuition each inevitably charges, I’ve run across a tradition that I recently chose to do a research project on for one of my classes.  Dianic clergy priestess training is offered at www.wicca.dianic-wicca.com.  This website and the training offered are for women-born-females.  If you meet this requirement, your next step would be to create an account.  In order to do this, you must answer the questions in an application which goes to directly to Z. Budapest.  If you know anything about the Dianic tradition, you know that she has written many books about Goddess worship and Women’s mysteries.  She basically developed the Dianic tradition in the early 70s.  If you would like more information on this path you may also go to www.witchvox.com and search for the Dianic tradition.  Or you can wait for my research project to go up! You should know that there are co-gender Dianic traditions out there also.

In the spirit of staying on topic, however, I will quickly outline the questions on the application so that you have an idea of what might be asked:

Aside from the basics like your name, email, address, phone….Z. Budapest would like to know how long you have been practicing Goddess worship, why you began working with the Goddess, what specific Goddesses you work with, if you have read the ‘Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries,” and what personal goals you have.  The application is sent directly to Z. Budapest at zbudapest@gmail.com

Onto the courses they offer: For beginner students, you start out in the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries.

Second Year students study The Wheel of the Year.  There are 12 homework assignments, 12 quizzes, and 3 destiny entries.  Upon completion of these, you receive a certificate and also advance to the next level.

Prices for each class range from $50 – $120.  Unlike other schools I have researched that ask for a yearly tuition, this school requires that you pay by the class.  This can get very expensive when you look at the number of classes in the Holy Mysteries curriculum alone.

That is all I will outline here, however, if you are interested in looking into  this program of study further, please visit the web site www.dianic-wicca.com


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