Secular Paganism

As I was looking for the traditions I most wanted to research for my project, I stumbled upon a non-tradition of sorts. The article definitely sparked my interest so I wanted to share it here.

Secular Paganism is a philosophy rather than a religion. The term “secular paganism” may be a bit confusing so let me try and explain it by using a comparison:

I am a Wicca and I believe in the Goddess, who I pray to. I don’t attend Christian church or read the bible. Now lets imagine I run across an article on the Internet having to do with a set of commandments, ten in all. I think they are written well, like the overall message and believe that it may benefit my life if I apply them. I print out this set of principles, hang them on my refrigerator and begin living in accordance with my new-found philosophy.

As I stated, I’m not Christian. I don’t pray to Jesus Christ nor do I believe that he died for my sins, however, I believe in a Christian philosophy (10 commandments) and have chosen to live by this set of principles. This does not make me Christian, just a believer in a Christian philosophy. You could say that I am a Secular Christian.

Secular Paganism follows the same idea. They have a love for Nature and believe that we have a responsibility, as inhabitants of this planet, to respect and treasure the Earth. This belief does not make them Pagan. Some secular pagans believe in a higher power while some do not, just as some of them pray while others don’t.

The important part to understand that each Secular Pagan holds to a set of principles which I’ve listed below. Read over them…maybe you have a bit of secular paganism in you!


The philosophy that they live by has no religious bearing. Some are Christians who simply respect the Earth, Gods creation. Some don’t pray to any specific higher power. They choose to pray to a loved one or to speak affirmations aloud.

The only things they do share are their love of the Earth and some rituals such as recycling, participating in political processes to protect the environment, and meditating IN Nature or ON Nature.

To acknowledge some of the principles of the Pagan religion, having to do with the Earth and our relationship to Nature, does not a Pagan make! (Just a treehugger😊)

Hope you have enjoyed my first little research project.

Love and Light!


2 comments on “Secular Paganism

  1. That is really fascinating! I’m wondering if – by this definition – I might be a secular Christian. Long story. I believe in the philosophies of many different religions and I also believe in the historical figures that represent them e.g. Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, etc. But I also recognise that there was worship long before any of these people were born, and in the beginning, there was just Nature to worship, in her various aspects. And my definition of “God” (to whom I pray, not to Jesus as such) is not like any Christian I’ve asked about it. And I agree with all of those principles up there … except number 15 which I don’t really understand. So it’s not that I disagree, but rather that I’m not sure what it means. I am very interested to learn more about it. Do you think you might write a post about number 15 some time for those of us who don’t know much about this topic?

    • I agree with you here. In the beginning, there was only Nature to worship. All the other religions seem to make up too much along the way. While I ascribe to many different philosophies, Wicca is the only religion that speaks to me wholly. Wicca also doesn’t discriminate when it comes to other religions so if you like a philosophy belonging to another belief system, you won’t be alienated for it. And yes, I will definitely post about 15 to clear up any confusion.

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