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After logging into the Magicka web site and printing out the first assignments for my classes, I am impressed to see that there is a research project following both of my reading assignments. Unfortunately, Magicka states that though the research projects are an important part of the curriculum, they cannot grade them or give feedback on them. Magicka makes sure to tell you that the projects should be kept for personal reflection or may also be used to begin a discussion with other students in the school Forum link.

While I agree with both of these suggestions, I must say at this juncture that I am glad I am not paying for classes. Every project should be looked over to be certain that the student is understanding the material and has a solid grasp on how the information is relevant in their studies and in their practice.

That being said, I will need feedback on my research projects and I’m depending on my fellow bloggers to help me out! I’ll try and keep them interesting for you. Haha

My first research project is to pick one or two of the traditions of Wicca or Witchcraft to study. I must report the following for my Wicca Revealed course:

The traditions founders
Where and when it started
Where it’s based
Where it currently operates
What it’s specific systems are
What goddesses and gods it uses
Degree system? Does it have one?
Does the tradition have any publications?

I’ve chosen the first tradition I would like to know more about: Dianic Wicca. I may need a little time to choose the other. This project is due in 7 days so I will have it up within 3-4.

My second research project is for the Beginners Tarot class I am taking at Magicka.
I must find out all I can about the roles of magician and wizard…What they wanted to achieve, how society views them, and finally, what my opinions are.

Both projects are due in 7 days so I will be posting them here within 3 or 4 days. I would appreciate any feedback you may have or information I didn’t include or find when I was researching these topics.

Love and Light!
Blessed Be,


One comment on “Wicca Revealed

  1. I look forward to reading them! I used to do Tarot so I might even have some helpful input on that project! 🙂 About Dianic Wicca I know nothing, I’m afraid, but I will enjoy reading your assignment. 🙂

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