Fellowship of the Pentacle

My latest discovery is the Fellowship of the Pentacle. They describe their organization as “a society dedicated to preserving and teaching foundational rooted concepts of Pre-Christian European spirituality.” Using the Pentacle’s five points, the school represents the supporting components.

Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor developed these concepts in 2006 and introduced them in January 2011. At the top of the pentacle is the Fellowship point. Counter clockwise from there: course of study, Ravens Loft, Ash, Birch, and Willow tradition and lastly, The Oracle Decks (the well worn path & hidden path).

The Fellowship is marked purple for the spiritual and rooted connection to all points.

The Courses of Study are marked with yellow to denote air, the nature of communication.

Raven’s Loft is marked with green to denote earth, the nature of materials manifest.

Ash, Birch and Willow Tradition is marked with red to denote fire, the nature of transformation.

The Oracle Decks are marked with blue to denote water, the nature of the subconscious and intuition.


Fellowship of the Pentacle offers 3 different courses, I believe. I will have all that information posted tomorrow morning.

What I do know is that you must fill out an application, as you do for The Living Temple of Witchcraft. Registration fee is $10 and after that, you may choose to pay for your course in full or you may sign an agreement to make monthly payments. Each course costs $30/mo. for the duration of the course.

I know that one course is 13 months and I briefly looked at another which was only 9 months to complete. As I’ve already stated, I will have the course list available here tomorrow morning. If you can’t wait for it please feel free to pop in and peruse the site.

Enjoy your night! Merry part till we Merry Meet again!


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