The Temple of Witchcraft

The Temple of Witchcraft was a lot harder to find. I narrowed my search parameters and decided to search for teachers and/or schools in NH.

This school is run very differently than the other two I’ve been reporting on. The temple founder is Christopher Penczak. I’ve read many of his books on energy healing so I was excited that he worked so closely with the temple.

All of the distance learning courses are done with Penczak. They also offer in-person training in Salem, NH. The High Priestesses Alix Wright, Emily Jones, and Valerie Heiderich teach the in-person training classes. All three degrees are offered and last the customary year and a day.

In order to enroll, you must follow a link to print out an application. I have the application in front of me. The information required for the application is pretty basic:
Name, address, email address, and phone number. Beyond that, you are asked to provide astrological information. It’s not required, however, the explanation for wanting it is simple: this allows them to cast a birth chart and look at teacher/student compatibility.

From there, the application asks about prior experience in witchcraft, what book has influenced you the most, what you believe you offer to the practice, what your biggest challenge will be, any mental health diagnoses, addictions, and lastly, whether you believe that you can commit to year and a day.

There is a confidentiality agreement to sign that simply states that you may not release any materials that are secret or materials which may be published by Penczak at a later date.

The school accepts payment plans so that students who can’t afford a $300 payment for the year can break it into more manageable monthly payments. I’d say that this is more than fair!

I am mailing in my application with the required $75 registration fee. I will post again as soon as I receive an answer from the temple. Please check out the site if you are interested. The last applications are for the first degree year and a day are due back RIGHT now! I’m lucky that the Goddess led me to the Temple when she did. Almost missed the registration deadline!

You may also send an email to with any other questions regarding classes and registration.


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