Classes I’ve enrolled in

Today I picked my classes! I’ve enrolled in four at the Witch School:

Correllian Wicca, first degree
Basic Spell Writing
Pagan Cyberministry
Living the Wiccan Life

I also signed up for a Gaia class, which I finished today. I was disappointed in the way the class was written and presented. The information included in the lesson was accurate but the storyline was very disorganized. A lot of information was repeated and not given in any real order. To understand the real order of the story, I had to make a timeline and fill in which children belonged to which of Gaia’s sons.

For example, Gaia created Uranus and then Gaia and Uranus had different groups of children together. The first children mentioned are the 100 handed/150 headed giants. This was confusing to me because the Titans were the first ones born to Gaia and Uranus. The myth was told very haphazardly.

There was only one lesson for this class and one exam. After piecing together the actual chain of events, I took the exam. There were 25 multiple choice questions. The content of the exam was very good. I don’t think every question should have been multiple choice, however, the questions were well thought out.

I received a 92 on the exam. I was unimpressed with the content of the lesson and later found out that it was written by a first degree student.

I would not pay for the Gaia course. I am hoping that the other lessons I’ve signed up for are more challenging and have better content and lesson structure. My next post will be about the classes I enrolled in on the Magicka School site.



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