Magicka School

Magicka school was the second easiest to find on my search engine. This site has a very different feel from the first I researched. Only a handful of links are located on the left side of the web page.

A couple different membership options are offered. There is a free registration which allows you access two free courses:
Beginners Tarot – 20 week beg. course
Wicca Revealed – 12 month beginner course


The life membership costs $59.60 and comes with a free key ring and badges. It includes all courses, monthly e-zines and e-books. You also have access to the free courses and a 12 month lesson in Advanced Wicca, a 10 month Advanced Tarot course, a 12 month Kabbalah course, a magical herb course, and a 6 week alchemical course. (Picture of included materials below.)
Another course which offers these benefits is the yearly membership which includes all the percs discussed above.
It costs $32.99 and doesn’t include any courses which are added after you register.


I opted, again, for the free classes and will keep you updated on course content, exam content, and whether the site offers official initiation.

Again, feel welcome to join me and report your opinions.

By aphynity

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