Which Witch School is which?

Ah, a short introduction…always the hardest thing to do! My goal with this blog is to research and then share my findings about how best to become a teacher of witchcraft. Some believe that you should be initiated into a temple and trained as a legal member of the Wiccan clergy, so I will explore that avenue. There are others who have studied as solitary witches, been ordained and now create lessons online and teach the Old Ways to other solitary practitioners.

There is always many ways to arrive at the same ends. I will be researching different Witch schools and reporting my findings in order to save others the trouble and the hassle.

I have practiced as a solitary for 3 years. There’s little else I wish to do with my life so it’s time to find a tradition, dedicate to official training and become the priestess I want to be.

As I stated, there is much debate about the proper way to do this so I will just travel every road until one emerges that is clear.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I hope that my journey will save others from the same confusion of search engines and differed opinions. Shall we get to it?

Wish me luck!
Love and Light!



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