13 Goals Of A Witch

Every religion has a philosophy which one chooses to abide by. Wicca is no different. The 13 goals are just that…goals!. No one is perfect and at times we fall short, however, there is a quality of life that we strive towards. Below, i will go over what each goal means to me and how I choose to apply it in my life.

1. Know Yourself: Above all, journaling is the best way to become acquainted with yourself. I write about my thoughts, motivations, energy levels, dreams, ritual experiences and meditation times. By tracking your cycles whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, you will begin to recognize a pattern. These patterns are valuable to you.

I have a pattern in every area of my life. My dreams are very vivid when they are at their peak and then become broken; seemingly random images that are hard to piece together. Because I know what the pattern looks like, I am able to use dream magick better.

As with my dream cycles, I also track my energy. At times I have energy that warms my whole core and seems to drip from my fingertips, while other times, I have trouble even heating my palms and I resort to rubbing them together to create energy. Energy also includes mental energy such as concentration and visualization.
I catalog these cycles in order to take advantage of my best days and make sure I am working responsible magick. A responsible witch does not work magick when s/he is not feeling well or when their energy is not in good order.

2. Know Your Craft: I follow an outline I picked up from Scott Cunningham’s book, “Living Wicca.” I am mostly self-taught so the tools I use, thanks to the late author are: Study, Thought, Prayer, Experimentation. I study anything I can get my hands on, whether it’s a web site, book, magazine article or a lesson from one of my classes.

Next, I think about what I’ve just read. Hand in hand with thought, is questioning. Do I believe it? Can it be helpful to me or my practice? I listen to my intuition and if I think I need to study the subject more, then I do. Not every book that has been published is accurate. This is why it is important to sit and think about what you’re brain has ingested. If study and thought isn’t enough, there are two more steps to help one weed out useless information.

Once you have exhausted your own thoughts, look outside of your perspective and pray, asking Deity for guidance. There is no need for a long ritual, simply ask for guidance. For those who use divination tools, these kinds of things come in handy!! When you pray, give Deity some time to answer. Go for a walk, light a candle, maybe some incense. Like I said, you needn’t call all the quarter energies for this but don’t ask the question and then close the door in Deity’s face. Keep the channel of communication open so that you may receive your answer.

Finally, it’s time to put the information into practice. Try it out in ritual. If the ritual isn’t melding or you feel that it’s an unsuccessful combination, scrap it and try again. Experimentation is the only way to find out if the words or new practice will help you connect to Divinity. You will experiment even more as a solitary, (we can’t possibly get it right every time!!). Trial and error…record your experiences and learn what works for you.

3. Learn: To learn is very closely related to the goal above, except, notice that the goal is not to “learn your craft,” it just says “learn.”

Clarity comes in many different forms. Don’t forget that you can study other subjects. Sometimes we get so caught up in one thing that we forget to honor all the sacred spaces within us. Deity connects with us in a very personal way, so if we are passionate about poetry, maybe we find a poem that we can use in ritual; one that connects you to Divinity or a certain sacred energy. It all about learning what works for you.

4. Apply Knowledge with Wisdom: With knowledge comes responsibility and in order to be responsible, you must use your knowledge wisely! This also relates to what you are being taught. It’s important to think about whether the information is valid and true and decide if it is knowledge you wish to retain because it is beneficial to you.

5. Achieve Balance: All levels of your being require balance, whether inside or out. There are many practices which allow you to do this.

On a physical level, it’s important to make sure that you eat healthy, get enough sleep, rest your body, exercise and hydrate. Drinking water is an excellent way to connect to the Universal spirit. The water one ingests is the same water that has been on this planet since the beginning. Meditate on this as you are taking in this energy form.

Achieving balance on a spiritual level is truly a personal experience and the practices and philosophy one chooses to use in order to achieve this balance is up to the individual. There are many paths that lead to the same place.

7. Keep Your Thoughts In Good Order: This basically refers to the belief that whatever you put out into the universe will come back to you. Some people call this “the law of attraction.” A good example of this is if you have an overwhelming stack of bills and not enough money to pay them, you might sit there looking at the stack of envelopes telling yourself there is nothing to be done, you will lose everything, no matter how hard you work you can never get ahead…etc…
While you are reinforcing your helplessness, you are mentally blocking any solutions to your problem. Without a proper solution, the bills will continue to grow, as will your negativity and the cycle will beat you down!

Keeping your thoughts in order is all about staying positive; finding that stillness within you that allows you to shield yourself from unwanted negativity. Keep in mind that your perspective alone is what determines your experiences. No matter the situation, you determine whether it will be positive or negative.

Mantras are an excellent way to reinforce positivity in a negative situation! So are morning devotions. I find when I take time to order my mind in the morning by praying, it sets the tone for how the day will play out. Journaling allows me to release stress. Sometimes I write a story which depicts my plans for the day. I write it from a place of peace and contentment. When I gear up for a day full of pleasant experiences, that’s exactly what my experiences are!


9. Attune with the cycles of Earth: In order to attune with the cycles, Wiccans celebrate the Wheel of the Year which consists of 8 Sabbats, or holidays. The Sabbats mark the changing of the seasons. The 8 Sabbats are divided into two sets of four; four major and four minor Sabbats. The major Sabbats are dedicated to the Goddess being lunar in character while the minor Sabbats follow the God through his solar transformation. By celebrating the Sabbats, one is able to experience nature and the Mystery of the changing seasons.

10. Breathe and Eat Correctly: Pretty self explanatory, take care of yourself!
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I will keep updating these daily until they are done! I journal every day and am currently using these goals to dig into what they really mean to me and what they mean for my life; how they should be applied. Thanks for hanging in with me. I’d love any comments explaining which ones are important to you and how you apply them in your life experiment.

As always, Love and Light✨<


Becoming Familiar with the Quarters

In my last post about calling the quarters, I said that it is helpful to understand the energies you are working with for each quarter. In order to help you with this, I will provide a few visual aids with explanations of how to use them to acquire a better understanding of the different directions.

Lets begin at the top point of the pentacle. This point represents Spirit, the God and Goddess and their many archetypes. It also represents sight. Not necessarily the conventional meaning of sight either. Think of all that you can see when your eyes are shut; seeing instead with your third eye, located at the center point of your forehead.

Going clockwise from there is the East point, representative of Air. This direction is also associated with the ability to hear. As I pointed out when I was explaining ‘sight’ above, hearing doesn’t just mean letting sounds come into your ears. To truly hear, you must listen.
This means hearing things that go unsaid, listening to your inner self (conscience), and being open to receive all voices, even when they don’t make a sound. Many people can relate when I explain how one might converse with a pet. We are able to understand (or hear) them even when there isn’t any sound being uttered.

Next is the South which is associated with Fire and touch. You probably get the idea by now, but just in case…. touch does not have to mean a physical encounter with an object. When I do my energy play, I can feel the energy between my palms. I may not have a physical object there, but I am touching the energy just as I’d touch a book or the microwave. You can also touch other people with this energy while never laying a hand on them. Have you ever heard anyone say that someone was staring at them so hard, they just had to turn around? Our energy is real and it is up to you how aware of it you choose to be.

Continuing clockwise, the North point represents Earth and the ability to taste. This is one that I have trouble with. It is difficult for me to go beyond the sense and see deeper than popping something in my mouth to create a taste. Anyone who can help me out with this, def leave suggestions in the comments!

The last direction is West which is linked with the element of Water. With this point, you are also working with your sense of smell. Like all of the other senses, scent can be used to heighten your spiritual experience. Certain scents can be used to induce certain feelings and states of mind…I will go over that in another post.
You may want to experiment with different incense, oils and perfumes. Record your experiences and emotions to find out what works for you.

My personal favorite for meditation or divination is the jasmine; for ritual I prefer dragons blood. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section!

Goddess Bless!

Calling the Quarters

Many people have asked me questions about quarter calls so let me address that here. I find them useful for so many different things. This week, I have an assignment to fully awaken to the elements. Part of my meditation time has been spent utilizing quarter calls. In order to protect your sacred space for ritual, you call energies associated with the four directions: north, east, south and west.

Quarter calls allow you to invite into your sacred space only the energies you want, and can therefore be edited and changed to invite faeries, dragons, winds, angels, totem animals…etc.

Once you have invited or called the quarter energies, those energies provide you with what you have asked them for in your quarter call. You can ask them to protect your circle, witness your ritual, gift you with abilities that the directions are associated with, etc.
When working with quarter energies it’s important to remember to release them! Think of how you would feel if you were called to meet someone and then they took off and left you standing there, clueless. It’s the same way the energies feel if you don’t release them.

Following are the quarter calls I use when erecting my circle:

Guardians of the north, element of earth, I do summon, stir and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred circle. Powers of earth, lend your strength and stability to this ritual, gift me with your powers of steadfastness and manifestation.
Enter here and Welcome

Guardians of the east, element of air, I do summon, stir and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. Powers of air, lend your honesty and knowledge to this ritual, gift me with your powers of wisdom and direction.
Enter here and Welcome.

Guardians of the south, element of fire, I do summon, stir and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. Powers of fire, lend your passion and courage to this ritual, gift me with your powers of creativity and strength of will.
Enter here and welcome.

Guardians of the west, element of water, I do summon, stir and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. Powers of water, lend your emotion and purity to this ritual, gift me with your powers of intuition and transformation.
Enter here and welcome.

Some Witches cast using the fifth element, Spirit. Spirit can be a number of things, invoking ancestors, the God and Goddess, etc. Others choose to invoke the Lord and Lady after calling the other four elements. It’s a matter of preference.

The picture above is an example of what I might imagine when calling the quarters. Having a good grasp on visualization is important when summoning quarter energies. When you are connected to the quarters and their energies, you will have an easier time channeling them. Without an understanding of how the elements manifest, you won’t recognize their presence. That is why Witches meditate on the elements, in order to connect with their many manifestations and be familiar with how they feel, physically, mentally, emotionally. This is why the lesson I spoke of in my last post is so important.

🌝Goddess Bless,

Living Spiritually

Living the Wiccan Life would be a simple class for me, or so I thought. The lessons are broken up into 5 portions to represent the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and spirit. What is so alluring about this curriculum is that the lesson doesn’t just require that you study the words on the pages, but become awake to those elements. Finding a connection with each one and deepening your understanding of each is the goal.

In order to begin a journey into the elements, you must keep some kind of log to track your progress. There are many things to interact with and many more that may take an extended amount of time to connect to, especially if you have been ignoring them for this long.

At this point, I know I am expected to record my meditations and (hopefully) revelations in my Book of Shadows. For those of you who aren’t Wiccan, a Book of Shadows or BOS is basically a journal where you record rituals, meditations and spiritual growth, and is also used to keep track of color correspondences, different rituals, altar arrangements, etc… Some choose to keep two books, one with rituals and other magical correspondences, and one used solely as a journal to record personal experiences in ritual and meditation.

I have always kept a book with very generic information about rituals, quarter calls, tarot spreads, and astrological correspondences. Nothing sacred enough to call a BOS, everything I’ve written inside can be found in another book or maybe on a web site. This made it achingly clear that while I’ve been practicing the Wiccan religion, I’ve not involved spirituality. Spirituality is essential in order for religion to be more than a series of empty celebrations. They say necessity is the mother of invention. Looks like my necessities have birthed the creation of a worthy BOS.

My exercise this week is to be more aware, not just of people but of objects, those things that won’t give me anything back…those “inanimate” objects. I will find out if I can interact with them; open up a whole new world of communication. The objects are related to the element earth.

Water awareness means paying attention to how I feel in the water when I’m showering, doing dishes, brushing my teeth, washing my hands, and, how the water feels with me. Can I find a way to communicate with water??

Air is going to be tricky for me. That requires going outside and it’s quite brisk where I am. Lol. It’s also feeling the energy in the air in my house. Wouldn’t it be something if I could get a read on my wife’s mood from the air? Well, stick around and I’ll let you know if air consciousness helps me out.

The fourth element is fire. For me it means the sun, the heat that cooks my food, the flame on the tip of the match, the fires we light as it gets colder. The power of fire is amazing and each of us harbors a flame. Whether we stoke that fire or smother it till all that’s left is smoking embers, is up to us. I wish to see every person’s flame…their aura should fluctuate depending on how they are tending their flames.

Lastly, Spirit, which is simple for me. This is my connection with the Lord and Lady. To challenge myself here I will look for Spirit in other places. When I sit at my altar the smell of anointing oils and incense connects me immediately to that energy, the yin and yang of the universe. After I leave my sacred space I forget to take them with me, to see them in everything, because they ARE EVERY THING.

I’ll be posting about my meditations and what my new interactions with the world are like. If anyone would like to join me or has an experience to share about interacting with your environment, fill up a comment box and we can talk about it.

A Word About Daily Ritual


I am grateful to be a person who sees magick. I just read a blog about recognizing the ritual in daily life. A witch finds magick in the seemingly mundane. One of my classes, “Living the Wiccan Life,” is broken up using the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. For each element, there is an assignment which requires practice throughout the week. These lessons have taught me to recognize the seemingly mundane and interact with objects that I once believed to be inanimate. I have watched the materials around me react to my attention to them for the last week. Its amazing where you can find life energy if you just put yourself out there to interact with your surroundings.


An altar is one of the first things you learn about when you study Wicca. This is my personal altar and I can be found there once a week. These days, I’m finding that a weekly practice is not enough so I’m developing something a bit different. Truly inspired by “The Ritual of Daily Life,” I’ve decided that in order to practice as I’ve been taught to, that I must take up Daily Devotions to Deity.

Silver Ravenwolf wrote this:

“From earth, the things that manifest

From air, the things of mind

From fire, the things that motivate

From water, the souls refined.”

Daily practice reminds me to open to the energies around me and remain aware of things unseen throughout the day.

Normally, I begin with The Charge of the Goddess which you can find in my posts. After reading the Charge, I meditate on Feminine Goddess energy.
Next, I read The Charge of the God and meditate on Masculine God energy.

After I have connected with the Lord and Lady, I use three separate invocations to center Self, connect to the elements and align with the Goddess through elemental energies.

To Center Self:
Earth, my Center
Air, my Wisdom
Fire, my Power
Water, my Emotion
Ground me, Guide me,
Empower me, Move me
To do what must be done.

Connect To Elements:
I call air for speed
Fire to cleanse
Water to bless
Earth to manifest
And Spirit to seal.

Align With The Goddess:
By the earth that is Her body
By the air that is Her breath
By the fire of Her bright spirit
And by the living waters of Her womb…
Blessed Be.

While writing this I didn’t have the authors written in front of me. I know one of them, the last one, I believe, is by Victor Andersen. I will be sure to update these with authors!!

The Importance of PB&J

My dearest Jillian,
I was once given an assignment to write a letter to my loved ones explaining to them why they had found me, dead of an overdose. Sometimes we are in the wrong places at the wrong times and maybe that day I was where you were supposed to be.

I wonder at your intentions; search your smile for sincerity in the last pictures we took. Did I miss something? Was it all my fault? Or maybe your aim was more innocent, not suicide, just a little taste of numbness. And if that’s what you needed, if the memories became too vivid then I understand.

It’s not enough to say I miss you…my chest harbors an ache that runs throughout, wakes me in the night like the pain of contractions. Only, there’s no birth to expel what’s feeding on me. I remain pregnant with your ghost.

Love you Jelly! Always your Skippy!

Peanut-butter, Jelly Time!!

I’d like to thank Swift Expression for the idea.  I first published this post on Swift’s page as a response to one of the writing assignments for a contest that Swift created.  This allowed me to honor Jillian as she deserves.  Samhain just passed not long ago and I took the picture in the post that day as I was setting up for my ritual.  Please check out Swift Expression’s blog at www.tfaswift.wordpress.com and enjoy her creative writing ideas.


After much research and many long hours perusing search engine findings, I was finally able to nail down a good school. I chose Witch School for many reasons which I will outline below.
First, let me say that there is a lot of controversy about gaining a knowledge of Wicca using the Internet. I don’t disagree with either side, however, I will say that it is a travesty that there isn’t a little grove to visit in every city, as there are plenty of other houses of worship for other religions.

That being said, it is what one chooses to do with the information they are taught online that will determine if one gets an excellent education or not. Whether face to face or keyboard to keyboard, if I do not apply the lessons and live by the Rede then there isn’t much to gain. Anyone can read words off of a page, it is the focus of energy/emotion that determines how far the magick will travel.

When I first began researching Witch School, I signed up as a basic – free member so that I could peruse the site and see what it was all about. After taking a Gaia course written by a first degree student that was very disorganized and redundant I didn’t spend too much time on the site. Other magickal schools needed investigating and onward I went. While I was journaling about compassion one morning, my mind wandered to the Gaia class…and then past the class, to the person behind the keyboard. I imagined a nervous intern, still in college in a room full of elementary school kids. I saw the apprehension in the intern’s face and felt her anxious energy. There is a reason they call it a moment of clarity!

Everything came together…some of the students studying to become members of the clergy act as “interns” in order to prepare for their career. At this point I decided to give Witch School a second chance. New research taught me that the school is partnered with the Correll Mother Temple. This temple accepts first degrees as clergy members once they have completed a lengthy list of requirements:

1. Completion of the main body of Correllian First Degree lessons

2. Completion of The Five Mystic Secrets course

3. Completion of Correllian Philosophy course

4. Completion of Correllian Ministry course

5. Completion of 2 essays on subjects assigned by the mentor.

6. Recommendation from the mentor the student studied with

7. 2 forms of ID, one government issued

8. A one time non-refundable application fee of $45 to help with the running of the tradition


Now, all of the information above is for US students, however, they have a program for those Witches who live in South Africa, UK and they are still expanding.  For more information on Temples that accept Witch School transcripts, visit www.witchschool.com.

The Chosen Path

Goddess Bless

Free Wicca 101 Lessons:

Just when I was about to lose all faith in the decency of our Wiccan teachers, the right search term is beamed into my mind and I can smile again!

Who knew that in order to find free Wicca lessons all I had to do was type it into my search engine? I didn’t!

And so it was that the key to unlock free Wicca lessons is as simple as stating exactly what you want and typing it into my nifty little search engine! There are quite a few so this posting will be updated as I sift through the sites.

At the top of the list is (oddly enough) a wordpress blog. At least I know that I am among the like-minded. Thanks to Sorita d’Este and David Rankine, the Wicca lessons found here used to be available on a mailing list which you could sign up for by visiting their web page www.avalonia.co.uk Classes were available from 2000-2008 and when the duo began publishing books, the web site was converted into a new age book site. You can find the pairs books “Circle of Fire,” “WICCA Magickal Beginnings,” and “Towards the Wiccan Circle,” there.

Goddess Bless, they decided to blog the courses so that they would not just be lost. As every Witch knows, everything created has a purpose, and once something has purpose, it must fulfill its value. These courses are sure to fulfill their value for years to come.

Most are for beginners and cover the basic tenets of Wicca such as: What is Wicca, Origins of Wicca, Initiation, Self-dedication, What Wiccans believe, Ethics: The Rede, Goddesses and Gods, Wheel of the Year, Magick Circle, Sacred Space, Altars, and Shrines. As you can see, if you have been studying the Craft for a while then these courses are not much benefit, however, we all know a young Witch who may glean a bit of knowledge from such courses.

Find them at www.wiccalessons.wordpress.com

Law of Attraction:

“To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson

This course may not be “traditional” but I urge you to check it out and see if it is right for you. Jack, as he calls himself, insists that you enter into the studies with an open mind and a pure heart. Each class is broken up into monographs (a document containing one topic). It is suggested that you do no more than one monograph a week. If you want to take your time and go at a slower pace, it doesn’t matter. He simply requests that students don’t try to rush through the lessons.

We are reminded that in any training it is up to the student to decide how much they would like to learn from the curriculum. The tenet, “To Keep Silent” is stressed, with a warning that should a student blab about what they are learning, the energy built thus far will quickly dissipate. There are no exams or quizzes but from what I gather, the Monographs are graded. Following each lesson is a ritual and a meditation so that one might begin to incorporate the lesson into their life straight away.

As far as I can see, there are two courses provided on the web site: The Law of Attraction and Success e-course and The Law of Attraction Wicca course. Those who prefer not to study similarities between The Law of Attraction and Wicca don’t have to.

If interested in either course, please check out the site by clicking here.

I will be following up on this course after I have a chance to review some of the monographs. Feel free to join me and publish your experience in the comments section!

As I’ve said, there are many other courses that are available free of charge and I will be updating this post as I go through them…..

Goddess Bless,


Dianic Wicca University

Distraction is unavoidable.  It has taken me far too long to put together this posting.

In looking for Wicca schools that are worth the tuition each inevitably charges, I’ve run across a tradition that I recently chose to do a research project on for one of my classes.  Dianic clergy priestess training is offered at www.wicca.dianic-wicca.com.  This website and the training offered are for women-born-females.  If you meet this requirement, your next step would be to create an account.  In order to do this, you must answer the questions in an application which goes to directly to Z. Budapest.  If you know anything about the Dianic tradition, you know that she has written many books about Goddess worship and Women’s mysteries.  She basically developed the Dianic tradition in the early 70s.  If you would like more information on this path you may also go to www.witchvox.com and search for the Dianic tradition.  Or you can wait for my research project to go up! You should know that there are co-gender Dianic traditions out there also.

In the spirit of staying on topic, however, I will quickly outline the questions on the application so that you have an idea of what might be asked:

Aside from the basics like your name, email, address, phone….Z. Budapest would like to know how long you have been practicing Goddess worship, why you began working with the Goddess, what specific Goddesses you work with, if you have read the ‘Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries,” and what personal goals you have.  The application is sent directly to Z. Budapest at zbudapest@gmail.com

Onto the courses they offer: For beginner students, you start out in the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries.

Second Year students study The Wheel of the Year.  There are 12 homework assignments, 12 quizzes, and 3 destiny entries.  Upon completion of these, you receive a certificate and also advance to the next level.

Prices for each class range from $50 – $120.  Unlike other schools I have researched that ask for a yearly tuition, this school requires that you pay by the class.  This can get very expensive when you look at the number of classes in the Holy Mysteries curriculum alone.

That is all I will outline here, however, if you are interested in looking into  this program of study further, please visit the web site www.dianic-wicca.com

Troth of Nine

One of the things I like to do at Samhain is sit down and take stock. What worked for me? What ended in disaster? What can I do differently? How do I make the year ahead AMAZING…what if this year was my last year alive?

That may be a bit morbid to some, but it’s a reality that I prefer not to let slip too far from my conscious mind. I want to leave this realm and know that I lived as fully as possible. You know what they say,

“Waste not, want not!”

Now, I know Samhain is done and gone but I was going through my journal and found the information on The Troth of Nine. It’s never too late to figure out who you are, who you want to be and how you’d like to travel from point A to point B.

I got the idea from Yasmine Galenorn’s book “Embracing the Moon.”
There are nine main aspects of your life that you look at and balance. My oath isn’t the same as Yasmine’s and yours won’t be the same as mine. Each individual has their own set of ethics and values so it’s important to create a troth that meets your needs and challenges you to live up to your full potential!

And now, the Troth of Nine:


If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments section so I can help out.

We all know that when a Witch takes an oath in front of their Goddess, it is a binding agreement. The Troth of Nine resonated with me so deeply because it is a promise to my Goddess, not just a resolution slurred out after one too many rum runners. Think deeply about the oath you are making. Once you’ve bound yourself to the Troth, live it with all your heart! Let your actions be a true example of what you’ve spoken.

Love and Light,
Blessings of the Goddess✨